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Adult Soccer Rules Summary 

Competition Rules (changes in Red)

a. 8v8

b. Games at Wilkes Pitch (Fairview)

c. Two women field players, minimum of one required at all times. Lack of female players results in a forfeit. 

d. Four men field players maximum

e. 5 players required to start

f. No offside

g. No punts (throw or kick from ground only)

h. Zero tolerance on dissent – treat as send off with game sit out to follow. Second red is suspension until A&D (local). Third red is suspension until A&D (state)

i. No age restrictions on field players other than state restrictions regarding youth play in amateur divisions

j. Must have 3 over 30 men on roster.

k. Uniforms MUST be complete and different colors for all teams 

l. 30 minute halves

m. Game time is forfeit time (no grace period)

n. Roster size maximum of 18

o. No slide tackles either gender – referee determines what is and isn’t a slide tackle but will use the concept of the player leaving feet to attempt to get the ball while at least one leg is on the ground. This will be considered an unsporting behavior misconduct with a minimum of a yellow card. The referee may determine that tackle met the requirements of a serious foul play and could give a red card for the offense.

p. Rule disputes (not Laws of the Game) shall be arbitrated by the TSA president, league commissioner, and referee director. If any of these positions are also players, then another person shall be appointed to hear the dispute that is NOT a player but is a board member, coach, or referee. The referee position may only be replaced by another senior referee who is at least a Grade 7 referee.

Adult Disciplinary Rules

I. Texoma Soccer Association operates and keeps records on a Card Count System. Cards are cumulative during each soccer season. When a given player accumulates three (3) cautions or one (1) send-off sanctions are applied as described in below. A player transferring to another team will carry over his or her accumulated points to his or her new team. 


a. 3 Accumulated Cautions - One Game Suspension and $50 fine

b. 5 Accumulated Cautions - Two Game Suspension and $100 fine

c. 6 Accumulated Cautions - Suspension pending A&D - Committee Inquiry Note: If a player receives two Cautions in a single game, they will be treated as a Send-Off and will not be counted towards the Accumulated Caution Points total. 

V. SEND-OFF (player is suspended until fine is paid)

a. One Send-off - two Game Suspension and $50 fine

b. Second Send-off - Two Game Suspension and $100 fine

c. Third Send-off - Suspension pending A&D - Committee Inquiry 

VI. TEAM FINES - for teams exceeding the following cumulative cards. Sendoffs count as two cards. (team games are forfeit until fines are paid)

a. playing an unrostered or otherwise ineligible player- $50

b. 6 team cards- $100

c. 10 team cards - $200

d. 15 team cards - team is suspended from league play for the remainder of the season. Team MAY be readmitted the next season with Adult Commissioner approval (stipulations may apply)


All money accrued by TSA for fines shall be used to fund TSA youth financial aid.

You may form your own teams or we can place you on a team. If you want to form your own team, please contact adultsoccer@texomasoccer.org or text 903-271-4723

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Questions? Contact Lynn Simpson at 903-271-7454

Rules and Procedures

TASA Rules   (See TSA Bylaws)