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Game Reports

Call-in System

The process is the same as last fall. We are using the call-in system through GotSoccer. The system allows the first call-in user to post game scores for a particular game. Once accepted by the system new scores for a particular game will not be accepted.

1. Make certain the game has not already been reported by the other team (Standings page).
2. Locate the game number (Schedules page). You will also need to know which is the home team.
3. Call 1-866-391-0662 and follow the prompts.
     Event Code - To Be Determined each season (Ask your Area Director )
     PIN - Acquire from Area Director (Ask your Area Director )
     Enter scores as prompted
  4. Save

The site updates immediately. If another coach already entered data, the system will actually accept your information and then at the end state, "the scores could not be saved at this time". If you find a mistake in the scoring/standings, please send an email to david.schaab@verizon.net with the correct information.

If you have disciplinary issues please contact your Area Director or a member of the Texoma Soccer Executive Committee.