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Step 1: Bye Requests

Requesting an off weekend...

Schedule Requests are pending

You may request any Saturday as non-playing day (all day). Any non-playing day request will probably result in a doubleheader on your schedule.
NOTE: Requests should be done before the draft schedules are posted but at this time will accept the request and not "count" it - see #2.

Please email the TSA Scheduler (david.schaab@verizon.net)

Step 2: Draft Schedule Change Requests

One schedule change allowed...

We are using a new software program (GotSoccer) but we hope to be able to follow the same process we've used in the past. After draft schedules are posted you may request ONE game change per team posted.

Please email the TSA Scheduler (david.schaab@verizon.net)

Restrictions on Requests


1. You may NOT request games scheduled by time period (e.g. all in the morning).

2. Requests may not be honored if the time slots are not available - this means that a request may only move the game requested and not swap with another game as those teams have not requested a change.