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Procedures for setup and break-down of the fields

Each coach is responsible for the setup/break-down of the fields each day.


Teams that have the first game of the day are required to:

1. Setup the goals. Make certain the wheels are kicked back on the larger goals and the front of the goal is even with the inside of the touch line.

2. Aluminum goals are anchored properly. The field marshals can assist.

3. Flags are in place in each corner.


Teams of the last game of the day are require to:

1. Return both goals, face to face, outside the playing area, to be locked by the field marshals.

2. Flags and anchors can be placed on the ground at the edge of the goals for the field marshals to collect.

* Teams failing to follow these procedures will forfeit their games.

Please check your schedules and click on the "field link" you will be playing on.  This will take you to the games scheduled on that particular field to see if you will be the first or last game of the day.