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Coach's Development
This page is meant to provide coaches, both new and experienced, lessons on how to make the most of your coaching experience.  As well as providing the best learning environment for the players. There are also links to necessary information to teach soccer and to increase your own knowledge of the game.

Coaches Handbook                                   Coaching Guide - To getting the season started.

U9&U10 Build Out Line "Blue Line" CLICK HERE

Risk Management Quickguide             

Please find below the link to access your got soccer account.  You may log in there and perform your background check under the background tab. You do have to redo your background every fall as NTX wipes the slate clean every summer. (Yes, even if you just processed in the spring)

Please remember that all steps must be completed and the registrar must receive the approval from NTX before we can release your roster to you. If you have any questions, please call or email your area director. If you have need of a password or user id, there is a password recovery option. It works beautifully. If your email has changed since you created your user id and password, call your area director to find your user and password.


Coaching Curriculum                                 Player Development - guidelines and basics.

Lightning Policy                                          Lightning Policy - SAFETY FIRST

Game Day Needs

Special Rules                                              Special Rules

Sitout Verification Form                             Form


Player Development Guideline        Guidelines - Best Practices for Coaching Soccer in the United States.

NSCAA                                                NSCAA - National Soccer Coaches Assoc. of America 


Coach Development Series

Coaches will have the opportunity to gain coaching help from professional coaches during the Player Development Series.
Info brochure
* Please contact your Area Director to schedule a professional coach to meet you.

Online Challenger Way
The Challenger Way Program is an online resource for coaches to receive tips, tricks, and drills to run during practice.